Sand Spirit Insight Cards Workshops

(Note: If you need to know more about the Sand Spirit Insight Cards before exploring a workshop, click here: To learn more about the cards…)

Sand Spirits Insight Cards Workshop for  Personal Use

If you wish to learn how to use the Sand Spirits Insight cards for personal use, you can attend (or even host) a day-long workshop where you will learn to use the cards to help:

  • Discover your life purpose, power and passion
  • Awaken your creativity
  • Facilitate your problem-solving
  • Reveal your power to heal yourself
  • Inspire you to manifest your dreams and goals
  • Communicate your deepest feelings
  • Use symbols from nature to “see” your life and possibilities more clearly

In this workshop, you’ll learn a powerful, unique tool for accessing your intuitive wisdom! You’ll hear Pam’s story and understand how to Sand Spirits were discovered and used in her healing journey. You’ll learn how to “see” the images by opening your right brain functioning and your active imagination. You’ll have the chance to practice with other like-minded people in a sacred environment. You’ll learn the basic techniques, including:

  • The basic reading
  • Working with a partner
  • Developing “in-sight” on an issue
  • The Sand Spirit dialogue
  • Past, present and future
  • Writing your own myth
  • Expanding symbols using research
  • Numerology and the Sand Spirits

You’ll receive an introduction to the more advanced and specific applications, and you’ll hear lots of inspiring stories!

The Sand Spirit Workshop for Personal Use is a pre-requisite for those taking the professional certification training.

Current price of workshop for personal use:  $85, 10-4.  Lunch available for separate price. See calendar for current workshops or contact Pam.

“The Sand Spirits call one to a calm space of reflection and listening to what we seek to know–our inner truth.  I love working with them because of their natural beauty and freedom from complicated, hard-to-understand cultural images.”  Lana

“All the exercises worked together in different ways and opened different doors…Thank you for your guidance and for putting this work out there.”    Gail

Professional Sand Spirits Facilitator Certification Training:

Who should be certified?

  • Those who love the process and see how it can be readily used in the work they are already doing or beginning
  • Those who have an intuitive feeling of being drawn to the Sand Spirits and their use in one’s life and work
  • No degree or credentials required
  • An especially powerful tool for coaches, therapists, counselors, spiritual directors, social workers, holistic practitioners, teachers and
  • all those whose work is to support others in accessing and bringing out their inner wisdom, insight, creativity and intuition for better decision-making, communications, self-healing and transformation

Certification entitles you to work with individuals and/or groups who are clients or recipients of the work you do, or are beginning.

Certification does not entitle you to:

  • teach others how to use the Sand Spirits Insight Cards in their personal or professional lives
  • use the Sand Spirit images or copyrighted materials in any of your work or marketing materials without written, signed permission

The Training

  1. Facilitating sessions with clients experiencing various situations and challenges.
  2. The skills required for effective facilitation:
  • actively listening to your client’s perceptions
  • following your client’s trail of insight
  • tracking the energy behind your client’s thoughts
  • revealing your client’s genius
  • helping your client put the insights to use
  1. Special applications for business and time management: for testing wild ideas; for writers and artists and mining for the muse; for self-healing; for therapists, coaches and other healing practitioners; for children and families; and for your own needs
  2. The powerful Life Transition Sand Spirit process

By watching others and both receiving and giving sessions, you’ll experience how the magic of the Sand Spirits process unfolds.  You’ll develop the confidence to use this tool in whatever way you practice.

The homework required after Part II is to hand in summaries of six practice sessions with clients, prior to the Part III review and evaluation process.

  • Part III: a review and evaluation process:
  1. Pam will review your summaries and discuss any challenges you’re facing
  2. You’ll come together with your classmates either in person or in a teleclass, depending on the location of the workshop you took. Depending on the size of the group and their needs, this meeting will take a day, or possibly less. It will be a chance to “report in from the field,” share your experiences with your peers, and receive coaching from Pam.
  3. Professional standards and ethics will be reviewed, so that everyone is clear about how to use the Sand Spirits cards professionally. You’ll be encouraged to practice a total of at least 12 sessions before charging for them. We’ll discuss how to price your work and how to use your particular gifts with your new powerful tool.
  4. You and Pam will evaluate your readiness to facilitate with clients, and when you are comfortable, you’ll receive a beautiful certificate!

Benefits for certified facilitators:

  • an online community of facilitators who can share experiences, encouragement and tips
  • an annual gathering for sharing, review, refinement, inspiration and fun!
  • discounts on Sand Spirits Insight cards
  • publicity in Through A Different Lens marketing materials
  • discounts at Sand Spirits events and an opportunity to meet prospective clients
  • continuing education credits in various fields are being explored and developed
  • a new tool to enliven and expand your present work!

“I am so proud to be a Sand Spirit Facilitator. I find it a great tool along with my counseling skills to enable my clients to unblock conditions and move forward. Every time I have worked with the cards seem to go directly to the person’s soul. Everyone I have worked with is so grateful for the experience. I feel I have found the connecting link as a practitioner in Sand Spirits.”

Diane Burdette, Tucson counselor, Reiki Masterand Sand Spirit Insight Cards facilitator

The Price:

The price for the certification: $350. Includes:

  • Parts I, II and II
  • set of cards and workbook
  • Early registration price of $325 includes a 30-minute phone consultation with Pam, valued at $65
  • Lodging and food are priced separately. See calendar for information on specific workshops.

Hosted workshops:

If you have a group of friends or peers and would like to host a workshop, contact Pam or 520.825.5463. We’ll make it easy for you and show you how you can even make it profitable for yourself or your non-profit organization.

We are also organizing teleclass versions of the Sand Spirits workshops. Please contact us if your group would benefit from this technology.

The Sand Spirits often appear as “guest stars” in other presentations and workshops. Consider including them in a presentation of your own, to awaken the creativity and vision of your team or audience!

“The sand spirit cards are wonderful images for connecting with the subtle mysteries of the shore… as if the spirit that moved there and left that arrangement still has something important to tell me or show me.”

–Tom Cowan
Author and shamanic practitioner

“ Use this workbook and the Sand Spirits; you will be enriched, at times transformed, and opened to a new source of healing.”

–Lana Holstein, MD

“Your Sand Spirit Cards are awe-inspiring and so beautiful!”

–Pamela Brackett, Macon, Georgia