About Pam



Pamela Hale, M.A.

Pamela Hale, M.A., founder of Through a Different Lens, offers ancient practices and contemporary creative tools for healing, transformation and restoring the sacred. Her life coaching, workshops and retreats help people shift the way they see themselves, their lives and their possibilities, so they can thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually and contribute to higher consciousness on the planet. Educated at Stanford and Columbia Universities, Pam is a certified energy medicine practitioner, spiritual director and mediator. A pioneer in therapeutic photography, she created the Sand Spirits Insight Cards and workbook, and has authored numerous articles on personal growth. Pam is a popular speaker who weaves in her photography, metaphor and story-telling about her flying and the healing journey from cancer that led her to learn indigenous healing techniques and to adopt shamanism as her spiritual path. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.



Some Client Perspectives on Through a Different Lens:

“Great, useful information. Poised and powerful presenter.”
—Participant, YWCA Women on the Move Leadership Conference


“Pam Hale Trachta is a skilled leader, able to see through the surface issues to the heart of the matter, whether personal or organizational. She is able to thoughtfully and creatively help participants find solutions and new ways of moving forward. I find her work exceptional in every way.”
—Jeanette L. Renouf, Ph.D., Director, Tacheria: New School for Spiritual Direction


“Pam is a truly gifted healer. The result is individuals and organizations being more effective in reaching their goals. Working with Pam is a transformational process that supports the growth and development of individuals and organizations.”
—Donna M. Reed, Consultant, Tools For Achievers, Inc.


“My session with Pam was the highlight of my stay.”
—Guest, Miraval Resort and Spa