Ancient Tools for Contemporary Relationships

Come and explore some tools that indigenous peoples all over the world have used for thousands of years to enhance personal and community communication and healing.

Depending on the amount of time we have together, we can explore these tools either in brief or in depth:

  • The Talking Stick: a tool for communication
  • The Power Animal: a tool for protection
  • The Shamanic Journey: a tool for decision making
  • The Medicine Bundle: a tool for acting “on purpose”
  • The Sand Painting: a tool for transformation
  • The Sacred Circle: a tool for strengthening community
  • The Fire Ceremony: a tool for healing the planet

This workshop, retreat or series of classes is great for families, corporate teams, or people who want to explore a spirituality that is an earth-based path where nature is considered sacred. These are learning tools that can enrich life and improve relationships at home or at work.

Of course the outdoors is the perfect setting for the retreat version of this material. Pam’s home bordering the gorgeous Catalina State Park and National Forest outside Tucson, AZ, and also The Rocking X Ranch are beautiful, sacred pieces of land far removed from civilization and perfect for small groups.

A keynote titled “The Shamanic path: Ancient Practices for Contemporary Lives” is an introduction.

despacho offering

despacho offering