Consider a keynote for your organization that will stimulate expanded vision, creativity and consciousness, and inspire your audience to become artists of their own lives.

The most popular current presentations are:

Flying Lessons for Life

San Diego Living with Pamela Hale- See Pam Talk About Flying Lessons on San Diego TV

Women’s Wisdom Rancho Santa Fe- September Luncheon

Your audience will be riveted to Pam’s stories about becoming a private pilot in her 50’s, and how the lessons she learned became lessons for life. This material can be focused toward a particular audience, such as Flying Lessons for Cancer Survivors, for Lawyers, for Parents, for Leaders, or for your group’s needs.

“You are an exceptional pilot in life, a wonderful story-teller, guide, journeyer and wise woman whose gifts I hope many can have the honor of experiencing.”

–Cynthia Wheeler

Your Nature Revealed in the Landscape: a tool for healing, insight and transformation

Photographs of the Sand Spirits Insight cards and other photographs of nature will amaze your audience. As they use their right brains to look at nature in new ways, they will experience the mystery and wonder of nature and see how its symbols can reveal and heal.

The Shamanic Path: Ancient Practices for Contemporary Lives

Pam introduces the indigenous shamanic path, telling stories from her experiences studying with Peruvian shamans and applying their world view and healing techniques to her work with private clients and organizations.

Feasts for the Feminine Soul: Developing a New Brand of Leadership

Women leaders will be especially interested in the exploration of a new body of principles that integrate the masculine tradition of doing and accomplishing with the feminine principles of seeing and being. Using examples from her popular series of seminars, Pam will inspire your audience to bring their whole selves to a world that needs their wisdom.

Bringing Spirit to Work

If you want a spirited organization—one that is full of purpose, enthusiasm and commitment—see how you can involve people on a deeper level that touches their hearts and souls as well as their minds. Protect your organization’s ethics and survive the rapid change around us by becoming conscious of your values, your messages, your management and your market.

“Wonderful! Reverent and true! “

–Diane Curran

Other titles to consider:

The Ladder of Awareness: An 8-step process for resolving inner and outer conflicts

The Wizard of Oz and the Journey of Spiritual Healing (in English or Spanish)

Out of the Dark Room: How photography, writing and visualization can help you see and heal yourself

“Fabulous/ very insightful!”

–Jennifer Schwartz

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