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If you’re ready to explore a service, here’s a “tasting” menu that will let you know whether you want more detailed information. Hope it looks delicious!


Here’s the menu in a simple list:

  • Private sessions
  • On Solid Ground
  • Online home study
  • Retreats and personal intensives
  • Speaking and presentations
  • Local events
  • Products

And here’s a brief description of each. (This page is still being developed–more soon!)

Private sessions:

You and I can explore what you want to create next in your life by meeting privately either in person at my home office north of Tucson (or sometimes at your location, if I’m traveling in your area) or on the phone. Sessions are generally about 90 minutes, and include soul-level dialogue, gathering help from the spiritual dimension, opening both our intuitive powers and listening to what you know deep inside about what you need and desire for healing and transformation. If you want accelerated, deep spiritual work, if you’ve been feeling isolated or confused about what’s next in your spiritual journey, or if you’ve wondered how to get past symptoms of dis-ease or woundedness so you can step into your power…get more information here.

On Solid Ground:

If you’re investing in a new house, business or piece of land, it’s good to know you’re on solid ground. And, if you’re bothered by sleeplessness, negative vibes or mysterious challenges in your current home or place of business, you might be interested in dealing with the unseen forces that may be preventing a harmonious experience. If you are in the Tucson area, I can come to your place and walk your land and building to assess the spiritual health and harmony there. Then, with your intentions as the premise, we can ceremonially cleanse and bless the space. I also receive intuitive historical information that allows me to suggest some objects that you can place to anchor in the healed state. The full service even includes a written report, sometimes including research on public records that can add fascinating information for you. More information (link to On Solid Ground page)


Online Home Study:

I currently offer a home study course, Flying Lessons for Life, based on my book, Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life. This package includes recorded podcasts that will help you apply the “flying lessons” to specific areas of your life. You’ll get an overview of the 7 lessons and the system, and then podcasts and workbooks on your relationship with money, relationships with people, and health and wellness. You’ll also get a copy of the chart describing the system, an autographed copy of the book, a “dipstick” to measure your energy level, and a 30-minute phone consultation with me. Click here for more details. (link to Flying Lessons home study page) Check this website and my newsletter (are you a subscriber?) for additional home study offerings.



If you’re ready to dive deep and make accelerated progress, a small group retreat or a personal intensive is a wonderful tool. Check out the description of the small group women’s retreat called Lifting the Veils: Walking in Your True Beauty. I facilitate this in collaboration with my daughter, Laura Weaver, a stunning poet, dancer, story teller, shamanic practitioner and life passage guide. We are offering these retreats twice a year, and they are by invitation. So let me know if you’re interested.

The other option is to schedule a personal retreat with me. You come to my house for one or two full days, and depending on your goals, we will customize your experience. I have a large toolbox to draw from, and the land around my home is beautiful and a place of power, history and healing. For more information (link to Lifting the Veils page)


Speaking and presentations

Are you part of an organization that could use some inspiration? Presentations that inspire people to step up to a new brand of leadership, no matter their role in the organization, are wonderful ways to motivate. Since “what we see is what we get,” I use my photography, story telling and information about scientific and indigenous wisdom to help people see their possibilities “through a different lens.” I can customize a presentation for you, and I can also repeat some popular favorites like “Flying Lessons for Life,” “Feasts for the Feminine Soul,” “Lifting the Veils: Walking in Your True Beauty,” “Bringing Spirit to Work,” or “Through a Different Lens: Seeing Yourself and Your Possibilities Differently.” I am represented by the Susan Guzzetta agency, Susan

More details and video samples (link to speaking page)


Local Events:

Periodically I offer series of sacred circle groups at my home. These are a way of exploring and accelerating the way you can consciously work with Spirit in your life. We engage in soul level sharing, developing intimacy and trust with each other. We meditate together and do ceremonies using the elements, sound, writing and movement. I also periodically offer day-long workshops and seminars in the community. If you’re in the Tucson area, check this website and also my newsletter for current offerings. More information (link to Tucson events)



Do you own a copy of Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life? This award-winning book (winner of the IPPY—Independent and Small Press- gold medal for best self-help book of 2012) has helped many people face the increasing challenges in today’s world. If you buy it on this site,(link to Flying Lessons page) and live in the U.S., I can send you a signed copy. Otherwise it would be more economical to buy it on

I’m very proud of my Sand Spirits Insight Cards, and also grateful for them. I consider them a gift to me from the universe at a moment when I needed guidance from myself and the invisible beings that support me. You can own your own set, and buy that in a package with a pdf e-book that will help you use them in your own life. If you wish to go deeper and see the power and mystery of how these images work, or if you’re a therapist, coach or spiritual mentor, you’ll want to become certified. I periodically offer trainings for personal and professional use, so check with this website and my newsletter, or let me know you’re interested.

My photography is available for purchase. Check out the Gallery page, which I’ll be updating periodically.

I blog regularly, both here on the site (Be sure to subscribe (link to blog page) separately to receive the blogs, even if you’ve already subscribed to the newsletter.) You can go to to sign up to receive those weekly blogs.

Other writing and video is available on the Media page.