On Solid Ground Land & Space Enhancement Consulting

On Solid Ground

On Solid Ground

Partnering with you to facilitate a healthy, productive relationship with your space and land for the benefit of those who live, work and visit there

What the service is:

On Solid Ground is a practical investment for a homeowner, developer, architect, builder or business person renting or building a space. It provides an educational, meaningful and rewarding way to insure your bottom line, whether that bottom line is financial success, harmonious relationships, health and wellness or the development of a new venture.

The name “on Solid Ground” expresses our conviction that a “right relationship” with your land and space isn’t the finishing touch or the frosting on the cake; it’s the foundation upon which you will build, both literally and figuratively. When you combine basic ancient wisdom with cutting edge strategies, you’ll see a difference in productivity, creativity, communication, fulfillment and well-being for everyone who lives or works in your space. You’ll “put yourself on the map” when visitors sense something special about your place and want to return to it.

Most importantly, our intent is to promote practices that benefit you while honoring and respecting the land and developing a relationship with it that is good for you and good for the earth.

What does the service include?

On Solid Ground is a service that combines ancient shamanic practices with cutting edge coaching expertise. We provide space diagnostics, clearing and healing ceremony, and practical suggestions for enhancements that will help you manifest your dreams for the property.

Wherever you live, work or plan a development or building, I visit your site and diagnose the energies at work there. I interview you about your intent, your dreams and any challenges you are encountering. I may conduct research on the history of the land. At the site, I conduct appropriate ceremonies for the healing and blessing of the land. Then I prepare an extensive report including specific recommendations that might include: placement of buildings or specific spaces; enhancements such as outdoor art, use of color; and rituals and practices for nourishing your relationship with place. I coach you on how to work with you land and place to accelerate the manifestation of your dreams.

Who can benefit from on Solid Ground, and what results can be expected?

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How expensive is on Solid Ground?

We have a base price for homes and business, and can give you a bid for larger projects. Your investment will be less than many other services you take for granted, such as pest control, alarm system and other preventative services. On Solid Ground is a proactive, creative process that is educational and beneficial for clients. For more information, contact Pam. (Link to contact info.)

What credentials does on Solid Ground bring to this work?

I bring to this service my extensive experience as a consultant and coach in business settings, combined with my skills as a certified shamanic practitioner. I have over 20 years experience in management, development and consulting. For over 30 years I have been working with people and organizations in various creative ways to help people manifest their dreams by making the invisible visible.

“People, when they walk on the land, leave their breath wherever they go. So wherever we walk, that particular spot on the earth never forgets us, and when we go back to these places, we know that people who have lived there are in some way still there, and that we can actually partake of their breath and of their spirit.”

–Rina Swentzell Santa Clara Pueblo

“Pam visited our home and through her ceremony and wisdom, our next step became clear to us. As a direct consequence of her expertise, we designed a new business venture that has been highly successful as well as a new appreciation for our home and landscape. Developing more organic landscaping on the outside directly affected the landscape of our interior and heightened our effectiveness both spiritually and intellectually. Thank you, Pam.”

–Ellen and Eric Schneider
Spirit Feng Shui and Danmar Construction Services.