Lifting the Veils A Retreat For Women


Lifting the Veils: Walking in Your True Beauty

A Small Group Retreat for Women, created and facilitated by

Pamela Hale and Laura Weaver

a powerful mother/daughter team


next date and place to be announced soon

We women have been misled about the truth of our beauty. The word is loaded with associations about looking good, pleasing men, and being inauthentic. In reality, Beauty means the inner, holy essence shining through us, unmistakably beautiful. Don’t we want to walk in that kind of True Beauty?

What prevents us from seeing ourselves as Beautiful and walking the Beauty Path are the veils that dropped down in front of our eyes when we took human form. Then, through lifetimes, we weave these veils tighter for understandable reasons—to avoid oppression; to achieve the safety of invisibility; to create ways to survive and protect what we love. The veils we have worn have served us well in many ways.

But they are not for these times. We are the ones–here to bring forth our real powers, our Truth, our real Beauty, our wisdom, our healing, our love. We cannot afford to have these veiled any longer. We need to see ourselves as we truly are, and step onto the path we are meant to walk. The world needs the sacred feminine energy that only we can bring forth.

You have undoubtedly worked on unveiling your Beauty and power, but we are never finished. And what we can do in a safe community, using sacred circles and ceremony, cannot be measured.

Are you ready for your unveiling?


Our Patio

We’ll name and then ceremonially release the 7 veils that sometimes cover our eyes, using;

  • Practices for your body like daily movement and sound, massage, healthy delicious food, walks and meditations in nature, singing and dancing, and ancient ways of ministering to each other and ourselves
  • Practices for your mind like poetry, journaling and story telling
  • Practices for your soul like sacred circles, meditation and ceremony, The Sand Spirits Insight Cards, soul level dialogue and beautiful surroundings to connect you to all creation
  • Intimate, confidential sharing with a maximum of 12 participants
  • and, a tested process that has helped many powerful women review their own lives


Then we’ll name 7 powers that are revealed, and prepare to walk the Beauty Path, by:

  • Moving more deeply into your heart and connecting to nature and Spirit
  • Letting the sacred feminine energy among us care deeply for you
  • Quieting those mental voices and reaching a place of connection and peace
  • Learning meditative and practical tools for maintaining your lively spirit
  • Connecting deeply with like-minded women
  • Sharing fun and beauty!
  • Being together on beautiful, wild land


Long-term benefits could include a healing or creative breakthrough, or a renewed dedication to that grand spiritual adventure that guarantees a more passionate and purposeful life! And, you will have a “kula,” a community of the heart.

“What a gift to dive into such rich and potent territory together. I am moved to my core!”

“We shared ourselves together in the place of unconditional love and acceptance.  We saw each other and ourSelves.  God meeting God.  Goddess meeting Goddess.”

What is included:

  • All materials, instruction and ceremonies, including exercises to prepare;  movement, poetry, guided meditation and ceremonies; and assignments for follow up and a discount on private coaching following the retreat
  • A goodie bag with a set of Sand Spirits Insight Cards and some delicious surprises
  • snacks, water and tea, supper on Friday night and lunches on Friday and Saturday.

Not included: Transportation, lodging, or meals except for lunches on Friday and Saturday, supper Friday and snacks and beverages. Lodging information will be sent after registration.


Cancellation policy:  When you register for a Veils retreat, we are committing one of only twelve spaces to you. Much care is taken to serve you with ample communication, personalized materials and spiritual care for the energy of the group that is assembling. Therefore, deposits are non-refundable.  If you have paid in full and cancel because of an emergency, half your total tuition minus your deposit will be applied to another program within 24 months. (We have researched other cancellation policies–and this is standard business policy for retreats and workshops~as last minute spaces cannot be filled. If we are able to fill your spot from a waiting list, we would refund your total minus your deposit.) If you cancel for personal or business convenience, please understand that we cannot refund your fee, unless we can fill your space from a waiting list. If you are traveling, we strongly recommend you purchase trip insurance and are clear on the cancellation policy of the hotel you choose.


Are you ready? Here’s the link to even more specific information and an opportunity to register. Note: we cannot hold places until you pay your deposit. This retreat has filled within a week for the past three years.

Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll make sure you get an invitation!

This retreat is inspired by the international Red Tent movement, based on Anita Diamant’s novel, The Red Tent, about Biblical times. The movement rests on the idea that women coming together can bring out innate strengths and spiritual powers that otherwise can lay dormant. Other inspirations are the Returning to the Well process, created by Dr. Elise Collins Shields of Commonwell Institute, working worldwide for peace and justice for women—and the work of Amari Magdalena, shaman and author, whose work with the idea of veils started all this!



Pamela Hale, M.A. calls herself a “soul-tender,” who offers ancient and contemporary creative tools for healing, transformation and restoring the sacred on the planet. Pam is author of the award-winning Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life and the Sand Spirits Insight Cards, workbook and training. A graduate of Stanford and Columbia Universities, she is a lifelong teacher and a student certified as a mediator, spiritual director, shamanic energy medicine practitioner and private pilot. She has worked as a classroom teacher, educational consultant, photographic artist and teacher, professional fundraiser for Stanford and the University of Arizona, consultant to non-profits, and founder of Through A Different Lens. A two-time cancer survivor, Pam shares the shamanic practices that she learned for her own healing journey, and helps others to see through the lens of the heart, so that they can heal themselves, make the Beauty Path part of who they are, and live lives of purpose and meaning. Her innovative presentations weave together her photography, metaphor, story-telling, and ceremony. Pam lives in Tucson with her husband, Jon, and is mother of two and grandmother of five.


Laura Weaver, MA is an author, poet, consultant, facilitator, guide, and parent, with over two decades of experience in education, writing, and non-profit and social change work. She currently serves as the Director of Transformative Learning at the PassageWorks Institute~a non-profit dedicated to cultivating meaningful and nourishing school culture and practice.  Laura’s writing history includes co-authoring the recently published book for educators The Five Dimensions of Engaged Teaching (Solution Tree, 2013), co-authoring numerous curricula for the transitions years, and publishing dozens of poems, book chapters and essays on topics ranging from school-based rites of passage to death and dying. Over the last decade, Laura has taught numerous courses and workshops, offered presentations at schools and conferences, co-created a diversity of offerings for women, and facilitated transitions and rites of passage programs for young people.  Laura supports individuals and communities to understand and access their own unique wisdom, resources and sense of meaning, purpose, and connection. Before joining PassageWorks, Laura taught English and Creative Writing for for years at the University of Colorado and in other educational settings and founded and directed Bridges—an all-volunteer agency serving the needs of homeless communities in the greater Philadelphia region. Laura earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Trinity College in Connecticut and her Master’s Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.


“I am, as each of us is, forever changed.  Thank you Pam and Laura for making the call to this sacred Chamber in ourselves and thanks to each of us for answering.  We can never go back. We are eternal, infinite and unlimited, always walking in Beauty.”

“I feel altered.  I am trusting my knowing.  I feel seen and I saw each of you in all of your vulnerability and beauty. I know that something happened that requires us to offer this experience to others…”

“We can never go back.  We are eternal, infinite, and unlimited, always walking in Beauty.”

” The jig is up.  We are going home, seeking and finding the Kingdom (within).  Damn, it’s taken a long time.”

Participants of Veils retreats