Private Consultations

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What happens in a session?

First we talk. You tell me enough of your story so that we can articulate your sacred intention for our time together. Then we create sacred space, in whatever way resonates with your beliefs, so that we are working with all the forces of the universe, and not just our personalities and our egos. We are creating a soul dialogue, one of trust and truth.

We usually work with my Sand Spirit Insight cards to help us see clearly what is going on underneath the story level and to shift to a symbolic or mythic level of perception. We move to the level of your soul’s longings.

Then we move to the energetic level, where rapid and lasting change can take place. As a shamanic practitioner I am trained to “see” the energetic field around you, which is like the photographic negative that exists prior to the “print,” or the events we see in our outer world. I can help you release dense energies that stop you, so that your burdens are lightened and you are freed to move on.

I may ask you to work with a medicine stone, or I may suggest shamanic healing techniques such as an illumination or a soul retrieval. If you aren’t familiar with these techniques, I will explain them to you so that you know you are in full control of your process. I do not do anything “to” people; you are the one really doing the work.

The way in which the parts of the private session weave together is very beautiful, rich and meaningful. At the end of your session I give you “homework” that will integrate the shifts you have made and help you carry the work forward into the areas that have challenged you.

What kinds of results can you expect and how fast?

The healing aspect of this combination of life coaching, spiritual counseling, imagery work and shamanic energy healing is very powerful. Often clients feel a profound difference after just one session. Many opt for three sessions—one to establish our relationship and begin the work, a second session to work more deeply and a third to integrate and apply our work to the specifics in your life.  Some have worked with me for years, since they want to deepen their remembrance and embodiment of their divine selves. Some come from out of state and work with me in an intensive way; others work by phone.

This work is healing on deep levels, but it is not meant to replace the wonderful medical technology that saves lives every day. Nor is it a substitute for mental health treatment. The word “healing” is used here to mean “wholeness” and a sense of well-being and peace, which may or may not include the relief of symptoms. Someone who is dying, for instance, will not be cured, but can experience a deep healing that could bring peace, forgiveness, and acceptance of oneself and one’s life.

In my work with individuals I am privileged to be part of “small miracles,” moments where I witness profound, life-changing healing happening before my eyes.

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Where do the sessions take place?

I offer sessions in my home office, which is in a gorgeous, inspiring natural setting next to the Catalina Mountains, north of Tucson. I also work at a distance. A phone session works equally well as a face-to-face experience. Occasionally I travel to someone’s home or to the hospital when necessary. I also visit other cities, so check the Calendar (link to calendar) to see if I will be near enough to your location for us to meet.

How much does it cost?

A single session normally lasts 90 minutes and costs $175. You can pre-purchase three sessions for $450. Intensive work at the Rocking X Ranch and at my home office can be arranged with me. I am aware of the economic challenges many of us face, and have a limited number of sliding scale fee options. Contact me for more information.


“Pam is a truly gifted healer. She creates a safe environment where people feel secure revealing their inadequacies and wounds. She then guides them in creating plans for the results they want. This process heals and empowers participants.”

Donna Reed, Strategy Coach and Author, Tucson, AZ

“I will never forget our experience and my gratitude overflows for my time with you…I have been freed from my dark iron cage. Thank you.”

Carroll, Boulder, CO.