Organizational Consultations

Do the people in your organization long for an infusion of fresh energy, vision, wisdom and leadership skills? Consider one of these and explore the appropriate pages for more information:

  • A retreat or workshop designed to meet your needs.
  • A package of individual coaching sessions.
  • A motivational keynote presentation

Could you use help navigating challenging times?

  • I bring a spiritual element into the organizational setting, using tested practices to “see” what is going on beneath the surface and to clear out obstacles.
  • My work also activates your abilities to see more clearly and deeply and to use all your resources and wisdom to make the necessary changes and decisions.
  • My 20 years of experience with the non-profit sector have equipped me to give you practical insights about fundraising, board development and strategic planning.
  • I help you see new strategies that preserve the soul of the organization while being flexible enough to survive the massive changes around us

Do you want help that is both practical and long lasting? Clients report results like these from my 7-step process:

  • Clarifying and owning organizational values
  • Exposing and releasing practices that aren’t serving the organization
  • Creating new practices for positive communication and conflict resolution
  • Managing time and personal balance between work and life
  • Connecting wisdom and higher consciousness with the bottom line
  • Increasing vitality, productivity, creativity and joy
  • Allowing work life to be a place where life works

“The retreat Pam designed for our law firm was such a valuable process that we closed the firm for the day and included our entire staff. We clarified our vision for the future, strengthened out teamwork and generated some creative strategies that are still benefiting us. Any skeptics going in were not skeptics going out.”

–Mick Rusing, Rusing & Lopez

Above the Fog

Above the Fog

“Pam brought in a team to train telephone representatives and transit center workers who deal with the public under stressful situations. Her creative approach to teaching, communication and conflict resolution skills was highly motivational and increased our productivity. It was fun, too!”

-Sally Thompson Valenzuela, Sun Tran

“Great, useful information. Poised and powerful presenter.”

–Participant, YWCA Women on the Move Leadership Conference