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How can seeing through a different lens change everything?

Sudden changes that feel traumatic can turn our worlds upside down. This is true in our relationships, our health, our work and financial life, the world of geopolitics in the larger world,and in our sense of purpose and meaning.

All these problems have something in common. They are spiritual problems. Regardless of what you believe about religion or dogma, your spiritual life is simply the invisible but powerful force that either keeps your heart full of gratitude and radiance…or not.

So how do your fill your heart with gratitude and radiance, despite the circumstances around you?

How do you look through a lens that sees the perfection of Beauty, without changing a thing about outer events?

You can learn to walk the Beauty Path. You can learn practices that will help you:

  • shed the part of your past that no longer serve you
  • live beyond fear and from a place beyond death
  • gain access to the magic of the spiritual dimension
  • learn from the wisdom of your ancestors and the Ancient Ones
  • open your heart to the Vision Way, that you might learn more about the being you’re called to become

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Flying Lessons


Sand Spirits Cards

The magic of these photos will astound you! Found arrangements, given by the sea. Discover your personal message from the forms and figures you see. The insights these Spirits reveal will amaze you!