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You’ll love the beautiful photographs and the 7-step process that won Pam the coveted IPPY (Independent and small press publishers) gold medal in the self-help category in 2012.

Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life–foreword by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D

An Inspirational Manual for
Leading, Living, and Loving

“Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from knowing the joy of flight.”
—Lane Wallace, Flying magazine, January 2011


From the cover flap:

Life coach, energy healer, and spiritual counselor Pamela Hale uses the story of her pursuit of a private pilot’s license to help anyone–in the air or on the ground–to break free of “gravity” and realize one’s potential to soar. Readers will journey with Pam as she conquers her self doubt and fear of flying. They too will gather wisdom from Clio, her flight instructor, and recognize the key challenges, Clio’s solutions, and the gifts of each step in the journey. They will learn to navigate the turbulence in their own lives. Each lesson corresponds with a chakra, a yoga pose, and an archetype, so the material works on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

In this beautifully-designed multi-layered memoir and self-help guide, Pam’s stunning aerial photos enhance the ancient and classic metaphor of flight.

From the “dipstick” that helps flyers manage their energy, to the story of how flying helped Pam in her cancer journey, to the ways her clients have navigated uncharted territory, Flying Lessons is a practical and entertaining journey into authentic power, freedom, and fulfillment.

With a foreword by Alberto Villoldo, PH.D. and breathtaking aerial photos by the author, the book is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to step outside their safe place and learn how to “fly”.

This book will teach you:

  • To identify the patterns that serve as “gravity” holding you down
  • To manage your own energy level
  • To meet any challenge using the 7-step process
  • To achieve a balance that will increase your ease of “soaring”
  • A model that integrates 7 lessons with chakras, archetypes, colors, and yoga poses

The seven steps will give you:

  • An awareness of your safe landing space inside
  • Tools for re-fueling and maintaining your energy level
  • A new intimacy with and reliance on your higher Self
  • Inspiration for opening your heart
  • Tools for dealing with inner and outer criticism
  • Ways to expand the way you think and process information
  • Ceremonial ways to let go and accept

And help you:

  • To commit to manifesting new possibilities
  • To find new love, respect and regard for yourself
  • To see how you are creative, intuitive and wise

An especially great gift for:

  • Women on a spiritual journey
  • Women who help other women
  • Cancer survivors or people with chronic health problems
  • People interested in aviation
  • People who love photography and metaphors
  • People who love good stories that inspire and teach

The first reviews:

“Pamela Hale helps readers fly past fears and learn to soar in all areas of life.”

           –Lynne Twist, author, The Soul of Money and founder, Soul of Money Institute

“A terrific guide for living life to the fullest…Clever, wise, and uplifting!”

           –Karen Shanor, PhD, Clinical and Neuropsychologist, and author,

The Emerging Mind: New Discoveries in Consciousness

“The love, truth, and wisdom presented in this book will support you so you can soar to the heights you want to trust are possible.”

           –Gail Larsen, Founder, RealSpeaking, author,

Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story

“Pam Hale teaches that we can be creative, successful, resourceful human beings no matter what the weather conditions.”

Diane L. Katz, PhD, author,

Win at work! The Everybody Wins Approach to Conflict Resolution

From the Library Journal, 2/15

Hale, Pamela. Flying Lessons: How To Be the Pilot of Your Own Life. Through a Different Lens. Mar. 2012. 


In this beautifully illustrated memoir, life coach Hale uses her experience obtaining a private pilot’s license as a metaphor for life. She applies the language of flight as she instructs readers not only to break free of limits but also to soar beyond them, to know where they’re going to land, and to communicate with air-traffic control. She also connects each of her lessons to a chakra, yoga pose, or archetype, so all levels of mind, body, and spirit are covered. ­VERDICT The messages of overcoming fear, taking responsibility, and nourishing oneself—to name a few—fit nicely into Hale’s scheme. Aerial photographs interspersed with the text add richness to the reading experience.

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Learning the Flying Lessons for Life process

In the form of a keynote; workshops of various lengths; and a three-day retreat, participants have tested the flying lessons. “The metaphor is so powerful,” they tell me. I agree, having applied it to my breast cancer journey, to becoming a shamanic practitioner “flying” to other dimensions, and to my healing, coaching and teaching work. When you experience the “Flying Lessons” material in the form of a keynote or class, you and your group will see how to apply the lessons to your professional and personal lives. I invite you to explore the Speaking, Retreats and Workshops pages on this site for more details.

“You are a magician! This is beautiful, heartfelt, brilliant and groundbreaking.”

— Retreat participant from Tucson

“Wonderful metaphor.” “Life-changing.”

— Participants from Phoenix and Tucson