Announcing: Your Flying Lessons Training

A New Interactive Home Study Course


What could it mean for you to be

in the pilot’s seat?

You aren’t alone if you’re experiencing rapid and challenging changes in your world!

Would you like a system for navigating rapidly changing “weather?”

Would you like powerful tools for dealing with the fear and self-doubt that keeps you from “soaring?”

Discover a system that will help you identify what is in the way of  becoming the pilot of your own life!”

Of course we’re all going to encounter difficult times. But do you feel as though you survive one transition just before another one pops up? Do you get tempted to give up on your deepest longings?


You have within you the power

to pilot your way through any challenge!



How does just stepping into the pilot’s seat sound?

You can do this, just by remembering the whole, capable and brilliant person you already are.

What gets in the way of this? Two things got in my way when I was learning to fly. You can learn what they are, and even more important, you can get the training that solves the dilemma!

Perhaps to do this, you just need

a “flight instructor!”

The hundreds of lessons I learned while earning my private pilot’s license in my late 50’s equipped me for my two bouts with breast cancer, along with many other challenges. And so I know how to help you use the 7 lessons for life to bring out your power and calm your fears and self-doubt.

Fear is the biggest obstacle to piloting with confidence, courage and ease. And when fear gets hold of us, self-doubt, overwhelm, discouragement and lack of motivation and energy can result. But my flight instructor Clio taught me that the antidote to fear is training and practice!


Your Flying Lessons for Life


a system for managing your energy

and navigating any challenge




You’ll be able to move forward with these tools:

  • 7 “flying lessons” that are lessons for your life

  • a “safe landing space” to use in any situation

  • a “dipstick” to measure and manage your energy

  • ways to connect with your essence, the “pilot” within

  • a plan for gaining motivation and inspiration!

  • techniques for dealing with critical voices–inner and outer ones

  • ways to expand your intuition and instinct

  • practices for surrendering and connecting with All That Is

“Pamela Hale helps people fly past fears and learn to soar in all areas of life.”

Lynne Twist, Author of The Soul of Money and founder, Soul of Money Institute


Do you wish you could summon your own inner “pilot” to direct you in a wise, kind and effective way?

You have the power within you;

“flying” is just a matter of practice.

If that’s so, then why does it seem hard to access our own power? Why do we go to sleep?

Sometimes the rational mind does not help us in the midst of challenge. Perhaps you’ve been surprised at times of crisis when you’ve watched a powerful self emerge and handle the situation beautifully. You’ll learn how this happens, and how to repeat it over and over.



Would you like to feel supported inside and out as you make your way through challenging change?

Here’s what I’m offering

in this new training package:

In four sessions delivered to you over four weeks, you’ll receive practical and inspirational information and healing and transformational practices that can change your life.

In these sessions my goal is to teach you what the metaphorical lessons mean in your life, and then to give you practical applications in three key areas that will illustrate how to use the system for any challenge you face.


“The love, truth, and wisdom presented will support you so you can soar to the heights you want to trust are possible.”

Gail Larsen, Founder, Real Speaking™, Author of Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story


Here’s a summary of the four sessions:

The sessions are all conducted in sacred safe space. You’ll be able to join in by creating your own sacred space whenever you choose to listen to the recordings. The Flying Lessons for Life process is spiritual work!

Class #1:  Flying Lessons for Life: an overview

  • You’ll imagine what it would be like to “soar” through a challenge you face.

  • You’ll see how the flying lessons metaphor applies beautifully.

  • You’ll receive a “flight assessment” that will show you which lessons apply most strongly to what is going on in your life.  It’s an assessment in a workbook format that you can use over and over.

  • You’ll learn how to use the chart in the Flying Lessons book that shows how each of the seven lessons corresponds with a chakra in the energy system, with a color, an archetype, a challenge, a gift and a yoga pose.

  • You’ll hear me answer questions, and you’ll surely identify and get practical tips from my answers.

Class #2:  How to Pilot Your Way

Through Your Relationship with Money

  • You’ll receive a workbook where you can use the flying lessons metaphor to assess where you could be stuck in your relationship with money.

  • We’ll go through the seven lessons, showing how each applies to the subject of money, and asking questions to help you check with yourself about your “piloting skills” in this particular area.

  • Then we’ll go into one lesson in more depth, and you can use your workbook to work through the bonus questions.

  • Surely a door will open in your awareness, and you’ll find the right practices for you, so that you can navigate your way through financial challenges.

Class #3:  Piloting Your Way to

Better Relationships

  • Your  workbook will give you a “flight assessment” on relationships, plus bonus, in-depth questions on three aspects of relationships.

  • We’ll go through each lesson and see how you would imagine truly flying in your relationships, and what might be in the way of that. Where is the “gravity” that is holding you down?

  • We’ll pay special attention to the areas of fueling your relationship, developing the right kind of power, truly taking the pilot’s seat instead of depending on someone else, and “broadening your scan,” or developing the skill of intuition.

  • You’ll hear my coaching in response to questions, and that will help you develop powerful, practical practices that will raise the level of your loving relationships.

Class #4:  Piloting Your Way to

Health and Wellness

I’ve done lots of speaking and coaching with cancer survivors, sharing my own journey on this topic that challenges so many people. So in this session:

  • I give many personal examples of the lessons I learned and the practices I have developed for myself and others.

  • Your workbook for this session will allow you to assess how well you have mastered the seven lessons with relationship to health and wellness. And, it will give you bonus, in-depth questions in three areas: bringing enough fuel for the journey, taking the pilot’s seat and broadening your scan.

  • Comments about this class were that it was very practical and that it helps people bring out the healer/pilot from within.


In addition to the four recorded calls,

you’ll receive:

  • four workbooks to accompany the classes

  • a copy of the chart laying out the Flying Lessons for Life system.

PLUS:  We are offering bonuses

to make this class more valuable for you!

Bonus #1:  a FREE, autographed copy of

Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life (value-$20)


“Pamela Hale’s book, Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life is a beautiful piece of work. Her stunning aerial photographs draw the reader into her elegant 7-step system for raising the level of our leading, living and loving.”

Ryan Eliason, one of the world’s top coaches for social entrepreneurs


Bonus #2: a 30-minute personal “flying lesson” consultation with Pam (value: $100)


Bonus #3:  Free admittance to a live transformation call with Pam


Do these flying lessons resonate with you?  

Will you invest in your own “piloting” skills?


Here’s the financial investment:

  • 4 recorded 90 minute classes (value $200)

  • 4 workbooks to accompany the classes (value $200)

  • a personally autographed copy of Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life (value $20)

  • a 30-minute personal “flying lesson” consultation (value $100)

  • Free admission to a private monthly transformation call (Value $75)

Total value: $495

The price:  $347  $197


How will the training be delivered?

  • As soon as you purchase the package, you’ll receive your instructions,  your first recorded “flying lesson,” and a link to download the accompanying workbook. The other three lessons and workbooks will appear in your mailbox, one per week.
  • Your complementary copy of Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life will be mailed to you
  • Pam will email you to arrange your 30-minute complementary “flying lessons” session.
  • You’ll automatically receive instructions for joining Pam’s live Flying Lessons for Life call


I’m very excited to be offering you

this online and live training!

I can guarantee you that if you commit to spreading your wings, the flying lessons process will work for you. I’m so convinced that I’m willing to give you all your money back if you complete the training and are not satisfied. I can do this because I know that ever since I started writing Flying Lessons, the lessons have been working ME! I delight in sharing the magic of this experience.

Let’s soar together by supporting each other and using the Flying Lessons for Life process. Start wiggling those wings!

Sending you love, light and possibility,



Pamela Hale is founder of Through A Different Lens, where she offers ancient and contemporary tools for healing and transformation. Her shamanic practices, spiritual life coaching, art photography, workshops and retreats all help us see our true nature, and open up new paths of possibility for thriving, individually and as an evolving planetary community. Pam is creator of the Sand Spirits Insight Cards and trainings and is author of the award-winning book, Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life. (It won the prestigious IPPY Gold Medal for best self-help book of 2013.)

Visit and chat with Pam at!  Ask questions about this class!