How I Work

Whether you are seeking personal insight or organizational change, Through a Different Lens consulting will support you with practical and creative tools that facilitate powerful shifts.




As a lifelong photographer, I really can help you see your situation “through a different lens.” I know how tough it is when a challenge puts us in a box (or frame) and we just can’t shift it to the lens we use when all is well and we’re feeling spacious and free. Ever been in that box?


I use an intuitive lens to reflect back to you the big picture of your spiritual journey, and where blocks might be on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I give you support, and tools and practices that work. Calling on spiritual help, we work together to empower, strengthen and become more aware of your heart, and how it can process every issue. I help clear away obstacles, using energy healing.

I support the highest part of you and believe in your ability to manifest that healed, whole, light-filled, essential, powerful, miraculous self that you are.

The essential elements of my work are:

  • Soul-level dialogue in a sacred space to identify your heart’s longing
  • Clearing away obstacles using spiritual energy healing
  • Unveiling the powers that make up your personal “medicine”
  • Teaching practical tools and spiritual practices for strengthening the heart, raising consciousness– and giving ongoing support for making these part of life

Principles for why those steps work:

  • We all long for intimate sharing at a soul level, and when we create sacred space and deep listening, we can achieve this intimacy even without knowing each other for long.
  • Everything is energy, and the energy body is the place where we can clear away obstacles at their source and prevent new ones from forming on a material level.
  • What we see is what we get, so when we change our perceptions, our reality changes too.
  • When we see the wounds we’ve experienced in our lives as the seeds for our powers, we can begin to unveil tremendous potential that makes up our unique “medicine,” or gifts we can give to our loved ones, to our community and to the world. This gives our life depth, power and meaning.
  • Strengthening the heart through Heart Rhythm meditation and prescribing spiritual practices for certain purposes is a way of supporting a life based on Spirit that becomes richer and deeper every day.
  • When we engage in ceremony, ritual and other ancient practices, we are connected to a lineage of ancient wisdom, and our progress is accelerated.

This multi-layered, deep work can heal you of old wounds and transform you from a person struggling to survive into a leader who is on the team that will change the world.

And the principles work, whether you are working one on one with me, online, or in a group or presentation.

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