Is This You?

Do you see yourself reflected in one or two of the following?

You are the successful founder of a non-profit and you’ve been working non-stop for 40 years. You know you’ve contributed to your field, but something tells you there is an even greater leadership role for you to play. In your exhaustion, you’re tempted to retire and rest, but want to honor the small voice urging you to step forward in a new way. You don’t even know how. What to do?

You’re recovering from a life-threatening disease and are doing well, except for the fear that keeps haunting you. You’ve tried meditation and various therapies and are looking for something that could make more of a difference at this important period of your life.

You’re in a high level, rewarding job, and now the company decides to change direction and in spite of your good track record, is going to let you go. You’re devastated and scared, because in your ‘60’s, who is going to hire you? You have an idea about starting a business, but aren’t sure whether that’s the right decision at this important crossroads.

You’re an artist, and you know you do good work but aren’t making much money and are dependent on your partner’s salary. Suddenly you’ve had an attack of guilt and self-doubt and are wondering whether you’re a burden on your love, and should give up and get a real job. You need clarity and also the courage to move ahead in whatever direction you choose.

You’re a nationally known healer and speaker and you’ve done a lot of work on yourself. Even though you’re a success, you suddenly feel the loneliness of being perceived as “being at the top” and “having it all together.” You still have more to unveil in yourself, and lately you have some old wounds and self-doubts rising– and the usual alternative modalities aren’t working the way they used to.

You’re in a leadership position in an organization that started out to be a changemaker, but has gotten mired down in strategies that don’t feel too spiritual any more. You want to inspire your staff to move beyond survival techniques that feel fear-based, and to step into their best selves at work. You’re tired and out of ideas.

If you’re an accomplished, spiritually-oriented person who still longs for clarity and confidence moving into uncharted territory, you’re not alone. Many professionals feel alone with their persistent fears and self doubts as the challenges get bigger, and are seeking a spiritual approach that is also grounded and practical.


The clients I’ve helped the most tend to be:

  • mature adults, 40-70
  • practicing some form of meditation, yoga or spiritual practice–or wanting to return to a practice
  • well-educated and trained professionally
  • thought leaders, professional or retired leaders in their community

I can probably help you best if you share these values:

  • A connection to the Divine, however that is defined for you
  • A regard for spiritual practices like meditation, yoga and energy healing
  • A respect for indigenous practices, wisdom, ceremonial and healing practices
  • A willingness to adventure, to dive deep, to find one’s truth and essence
  • A longing to contribute to the evolution of the human species and to help save the planet
  • A respect for imaginative, creative, right-brained approaches
  • A respect for all religions as paths to the One Being

Now, do you feel at home with all of this?

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