For Leaders and Organizations

If you would like to strengthen your leadership for a new era or inspire and strengthen your team at work, consider one of these topics:

Seeing Your Way Clear:

7 lenses for clarifying organizational strategies

A customized workshop designed to bring Pam’s model of seven lenses to work in your organization. See how the process of looking at the big picture and focusing step-by-step toward the concrete is a way to make sure you and your staff or volunteers design strategies congruent with your vision. You’ll “see” how the strategies that evolve organically from your core purpose are the ones that will survive and thrive.

Flying Lessons for Leaders

The Flying Lessons Process is perfect for leaders!  The metaphor takes on a life of its own within each participant, and the seven lessons become opportunities to make accelerated leaps in the way you view and apply your leadership skills. You’ll come away with concrete steps and a language to share with others that is deep and lasting.

Bringing Spirit with You to Work

If you want a spirited organization—one that is full of purpose, enthusiasm and commitment—see how you can involve people on a deeper level that touches their hearts and souls as well as their minds. Protect your organization’s ethics and survive the rapid change around us by becoming conscious of your values, your messages and your market.

Leading with Spirit

Rapidly changing times require a new brand of leadership, one that integrates mind and heart, left and right brain, and leadership qualities we could call “masculine” and “feminine.” Today we need to use our whole selves—all of our intelligence and skill—to be tough and flexible, logical and intuitive, compassionate and focused. Our wisdom and survival depend on it.

Feasts for the Feminine Soul:

Co-creating a new brand of leadership

In 2009 and 2010, nine monthly luncheon seminars for women are being held at Hacienda del Sol Resort. Groups of no more than 20 women leaders are gathering to explore an energetic or metaphysical approach to co-creating a new brand of leadership to meet the challenges of rapidly changing times. In a workshop created for your organization, we can explore some of the principles covered in these ground-breaking seminars. Click Here for more about the Feasts for the Feminine Soul…


Feasts For The Feminine Soul

“Your insight, leadership, spirituality blew me away!”

–Diane Larkin