Photography for Personal Growth

Photography for Personal Growth: Seeing the Inner and Outer Landscape

Explore photography as a vehicle for seeing and connecting to nature and yourself . Not only will photography help you experience nature and life with more awe and wonder, you will see how nature becomes both a window and a mirror. When you see beauty and complexity and power outside you, you’ll see it inside as well. For more information about therapeutic photography

Beginning and accomplished photographers can stretch your “seeing” ability using instant cameras, journaling, the Sand Spirit Insight cards and spiritual practices. Open your senses and explore creative tools for activating your intuition, wisdom and insight.

If you don’t see a photography class listed on the calendar, contact us and suggest one for your group! Or, ask how photography can be integrated into a workshop or a retreat. Or, explore a private consultation on using photography as a tool for your own personal and spiritual development.

Explore how photography can open your outer and inner eyes. Consider a keynote accompanied by photographic examples; a two-hour photographic walk; or a retreat in a beautiful, wild setting where participants journal about what they see and create a photographic collage of their work.

“From the first exercise to the parting circle, I felt barriers melt and understanding seep in.”

–Susan Prust