Flying Lessons

Do you believe you can fly? The fantasy and symbol of flight is so ancient and powerful that most of us dream, either waking or sleeping, of soaring beyond our fears, pain and self-doubt, and achieving our dreams.

Through Pam’s stories about learning to fly a small plane in her mid-50s, you’ll explore the fears and blocks that serve as “gravity” for you. As you get to know Pam’s colorful flight instructor, Clio, you’ll learn the seven lessons that Pam’s “aviation therapist” gave her for life. How will you relate to “Know Where You’re Going to Land,” or “Have Enough Fuel for the Journey?” You’ll leave with a dipstick and instructions for using it to manage your energy so that you can soar.

You’ll hear the moving story of how Pam has applied Clio’s teaching to her healing journey through cancer. You’ll identify with the hero’s journey to find the life force inside you, that Pam compares to a bird that longs to be freed from its cage.

You’ll receive a “flight assessment” form that will allow you to see where you can make changes in your life. Pam will demonstrate with her quick and insightful coaching how her metaphor allows you to see what you need to do to rise above your current challenges. You’ll leave with a seven-step process you can use for your whole life with any issue.

In a weekend workshop or 3-day retreat, you will have enough time to experience and work with Pam in depth on her multi-layered and metaphysical metaphor. This powerful material, from Pam’s forthcoming book, can be presented as a keynote, (link to speaking page) a class or a retreat. Bomber jackets and flight scarves encouraged!

Note for planners: The Flying Lessons for Life material adapts easily to specific groups. May we suggest:

• Flying Lessons for Cancer Survivors

• Flying Lessons for Leaders

• Flying Lessons for Parents

• Flying Lessons for Lawyers

• Or your customized creation!

“You are an exceptional pilot in life, a wonderful story-teller, guide, journeyer and wise woman whose gifts I hope many can have the honor of experiencing.”

–Cynthia Wheeler, 
Healer and teacher

“Your presentation was wonderful. It was clear, evocative and engaging. I loved all the flying stories!”

–Lana Holstein, M.D.
, Sex therapist, author and workshop leader