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Through A Different Lens Sacred Circle:

A  Spiritual Growth Group


This is a monthly spiritual growth group whose purpose is to accelerate and deepen our connection to Spirit and to our life purpose and ability as healers of ourselves and the planet.  We will meet in a sacred, confidential, committed group of no more than 12 participants. Soul-level sharing, Pam’s reflections and coaching, learning self-healing and spiritual practices and tools, guided meditations and journeys, and indigenous ceremony will be the key elements of this ongoing group.

“This is a very special gathering we are all participating in and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to join with all of you in this adventure together.Thank-you Pam for facilitating this amazing portal and to all of you for showing up with your beautiful souls and participating in this Journey.”


The intention:

  • To share our lives in a deep way in a group that listens actively and with the heart, always looking for the magnificence within each member
  • To deepen and anchor the principles that fit for you, using
    • Guided meditation
    • Shamanic journeying
    • Ceremony and ritual
    • Structured confidential sharing and coaching
    • The Sand Spirits Insight Cards
    • The spiritual principles in Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life
  • To form an intimate, confidential group of men and women whose desire is to become more conscious and to deepen their experience of living beyond ego, and to evolve as humans capable of healing ourselves and the planet
  • To open our hearts and strengthen our ability to live and work from a strong heart that acts as “pilot,” with the mind’s help.



“You are a gifted shaman and also such a real person at the same time and I enjoy your insights and ‘hits’ on everyone.”


The structure:

  • Will meet monthly on Wednesday evenings from 6-9, with the formal group meeting from 6:30-9:00
  • Meetings to be in my home
  • Group will be limited to 12 participants
  • The next series of 4 meetings will be focused on:
    • Enlarging the core group and welcoming new members
    • Sitting in sacred circle and sharing from the heart
    • Listening without judgment or advice
    • Giving and receiving intuitive positive reflections when appropriate
    • Meditating, journeying and doing ceremony together to deepen our relationships to ourselves, each other and to our lives
    • Unveiling and strengthening our personal medicine, life purpose and work in the world
    • Exploring other tools as needed or discovered
    • Seeing and celebrating concrete, positive results in our lives


    “I feel the class has helped me tap into a level of awareness in which I can learn about additional projects that need addressing, that are spiritually related…  …like my book project..i am finding guidance and resources in a non traditional way…through you.”


The schedule:

  • The dates are tentatively these Wednesday nights in 2014:
    • November 5
    • December 3
    • January 7
    • February 4

Your commitment:

  • This is a committed group, so I ask that you agree to attend all meetings unless you are truly unable to come. The fee for the whole series is a discounted rate and includes great benefits, so even if you are unable to attend a meeting, the fee will not be reduced.

  • The cost for the series is $160. This is due by August 30 unless you have arranged a payment plan with me. I allocated 3 spots for sliding scale fees, so contact me if you need one.
  • Some participants may wish to pay for individual circles. The cost for these is $55.

How will you benefit:

  • You’ll learn spiritual practices and techniques for healing yourself and the planet
  • You’ll take away indigenous wisdom
  • You’ll learn techniques for listening and speaking from your essential self
  • You’ll receive spiritual coaching and feedback in a sacred circle
  • You’ll be inspired by others’ wisdom, progress and “small miracles.”
  • You’ll experience a deepening and an accelerated opening in yourself
  • You’ll make new friends and feel intimate support for your journey
  • You’ll experience “walking the spiritual path with practical feet”
  • You’ll see yourself, your life and your possibilities “through a different lens”
  • This work will help you thrive personally, relationally, physically , professionally and spiritually.


“It has come together for me.. Gosh I could have never done this on my own, this teaching is such a gift to me; I know that I have been led to you not by mistake.”


Are you ready?

You may know this is right for you right this minute. If that is true, please sign up now and reserve your place in the small group.

  The first step if you are new to the group is to email me and let me know:

  • What you would hope to get out of the group
  • A bit about what inspires you to join at this time in your life
  • What questions or concerns you have

Then we’ll have a brief phone conversation to make sure this is a good next step for you–unless you are already a member of the group. In that case, if you’re ready,

Visit the store and pay $160 to register


I welcome your interest, and will never pressure you to join us. Please feel free to let  like-minded friends know about this opportunity.

with Love and Light,



“I love that we are a unique blend and quite diverse, yet all open to growth.”