from Transition to Transformation: a Retreat to Your True Nature


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At the Rocking X Ranch in Arizona

September 28-October 1, 2012

Friday afternoon through Monday noon

Tired of transitions?

Perhaps like many people, you spend energy solving a problem that occurs on the story level of your life, and you go through a transition regarding that issue. Something changes, and you survive and make peace with it. Then another crisis erupts, and you solve that one.

It’s a pattern we see all over the planet. A war erupts in one area, and people there have to go through “a transition.” After time passes, things stabilize. Then another war erupts somewhere else and we try to “fix” that.

I’m tired of this pattern, aren’t you?

Don’t you long for a real change?  A transformation in the way you experience your life and the world?

I’ve longed for such a transformation so strongly that I’ve spent my adult life gathering tools that I want to share with you.


You journey to the Rocking X Ranch and settle into your cabin, leaving all the connections to “normal” life behind. In the afternoon, we gather in the living room of the main house and create sacred space, as the ancient Earthkeepers did. We light candles. We talk about logistics. We meditate and set our intentions. We share a sacred circle and begin settling into the land, into the group, into ourselves. After a delicious meal, we gather for a sacred fire ceremony under the stars.

On Saturday and Sunday we gather for our sacred circle and dream work.  We have a morning of semi-private coaching, using the Transition to Transformation process, which includes the Sand Spirits and Flying Lessons for Life tools. We share stories. And then we take on assignments that will lift us above those stories.

Each day you have alone time to hike, rest, journal, sit amongst the trees or the ruins of pit houses.

And, as an added bonus, yoga sessions will be offered each morning! Certified yoga instructor Barb Stewart, who is also our professional chef, will teach you yoga poses that complement and embody each Flying Lesson. (And it doesn’t matter whether you are a practiced yogini or a total beginner.)

At night we sing, talk, and commune with the stars. On Sunday you make a soul map in nature, and gather materials for a medicine pouch and an offering to the spirits of the universe at a fire ceremony.

Monday we have our final circle where we put it all together. Now you have tools to take you down the mountain and integrate your experience. You are transformed. How will you take this experience home? 

We have a follow-up conference call. You have a chance to reflect on what has happened since you filled out your initial questionnaire and had your initial phone call with Pam.

Can you imagine how you might be flying now in your life? What is more spacious? How have you been freed? What things do you know about yourself now? How will you treat yourself, coach yourself, be your own flight instructor? You know now how the nine-step process is going to guide you. You know how you will use the Sand Spirits to continue tapping into your inner guidance. You know how you will continue to do ceremony, to use your medicine pouch, to lead your sacred life.

You look out your window at and with your outer eyes, you see the horizon near your home and know that you are on a great journey, always. And with your inner eyes, you are still able to see yourself in a sacred circle under the pines, by the fire, in a community…

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“Beyond my expectations. My left brain LOVES the tactical steps and the notebook. My right brain loves the energy, the creativity. I leave with substantial change.”

Who should come and how you’ll benefit:

There’s a lot being said today about intentions and creating one’s own reality, but many of us find it difficult to know how to do that in a way that really translates to what’s going on in our lives. This retreat is designed to “stick” when you go down the mountain.

Come if you are a seeker who values powerful spiritually-based processes for accelerating personal growth and transformation.


You’ll participate in this 9-step process to take you from transition to transformation:

from Transition to Transformation:

            Touch down in the present and the possible.

            Re-vision your notion of safety and security.

            Activate your authentic power.

            Navigate by taking the seat of the soul

             Soar free from old patterns.

            Find your true voice and Self-expression.

            Operate with deep decision-making tools.

            Re-birth your Self in the world.

           Make your contribution to the planet.


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Come for a semi-private coaching experience in a small group of like-minded, bright people who will “meet” again in a tele-conference and online community after the retreat.

Come if you’d like beautiful solo soul assignments in nature, where you will meet your own true nature.

Come if you would like to experience the magic of ceremony on a rare piece of land, under a canopy of brilliant stars.

Come if you would like a journey where you leave ordinary life behind, immerse yourself in a beautiful, natural sanctuary, and emerge with new understandings, inspiration and company.

Come if you are ready to step into your power in this time of great planetary shift, when we have an unparalleled opportunity to reclaim and expand upon our natural powers and become leaders and healers of ourselves and the planet.

“More important than I ever imagined.”

Come if you want to move beyond surviving transitions

to living out a lasting transformation.

Where is the Rocking X Ranch?

The drive is about 3 hours from either Tucson or Phoenix. The Rocking X is in the Sierra Ancha Mountains north of Globe and Roosevelt Lake, and south of a small town named Young, AZ. The property is in the Sierra Ancha Mountains, in the Tonto National Forest, and there are only a few other private properties in the area. We’ll send you detailed directions when you register.

Want to see more photos? Visit the “Rocking X Ranch” page under the “Retreats” tab on this website, or paste this into your browser:  (Sorry, we are unable to put in a live link here.)

The food

We have an experienced caterer as our main cook. Each of you will be asked to help her cook for one meal and help clean up for another. After gathering your dietary requests, we’ll plan healthy meals with vegetarian options. Any special foods or supplements you wish to bring are up to you. We ask that you abstain from alcohol or any mind-altering drugs, in order to keep our vibrations high and our best selves present.

“Yummy. Lots of it. Wow.”

What is included:

$2499 covers tuition, lodging and delicious food suitable for all dietary needs.

And, you’ll receive:

  • Complementary transportation from the Phoenix airport
  • a signed copy of Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of your Own Life
  • a signed set of Sand Spirits Insight Cards
  • a special gift to symbolize your transformation
  • a gift bag for your mountain experience

And this incredible bonus:

You’ll be a member of Pam’s monthly conference call just for people who have participated in her programs. Absolutely FREE!

You’ll receive a discount for Pam’s Transition to Transformation online coaching program. Details to be announced soon!


Will you invest in your own transformation? 

What could be more important or timely?




Two ways to save!   Complete your application process by July 21 and pay only $1999!


Bring someone, and pay only $2995 for both of you!  Couples are welcome!

Payment programs are available for the full price and for the earlybird prices. Just ask Pam for details.

We want to make sure this retreat is just right for you. Your fee will cover an initial application and phone conversation with Pam.


“What a gift to receive the feedback, love, support, advice.”


Ready to apply?

Your transition to transformation process will magically begin the moment you make a commitment.

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