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Photographic Vision Boards

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

vision boardEver heard of photographic vision boards? I hadn’t either, so I invented them. Now others may have invented them as well–I don’t know. But I held an experimental vision board class, and here is one of the results: mine!

We went out into the desert together, where we found a lot of water after all the recent rains. We took photos of the things nature does best. Thinks like flowing, regenerating, combining life and death, blooming, bending, growing, holding, creating texture and color, and many other things. Then we met again with our prints and created vision boards about the experiences and feeling states we wish to cultivate in our lives. To see more photos and a longer explanation of our process, go to:

What do you see in this vision board? Of course it’s different viewing the 20″ x 30″ piece up close, but you can probably see a lot of flow.  A lot of presence of the element of water. A lot of texture and shadow. Do you see me seeking beauty in nature? Do you see the heart I unconsciously created in the center? What else to you see?

Now when you go outside wherever you live, you might think about what nature is showing you about yourself, your own longings for what you’d like to manifest, and about your own human potential.

Vision on, and share your observations!